The New Jersey Shore Memoir

Boom I can’t get back up. I keep getting tumbling. I don’t know what to do. Sea shells and sand hitting my body water getting in my mouth. I’m trying to get the taste of water out of my mouth and trying to breath put I can’t.

Then I get up and I’m running back and I can’t see and My Dad said are you alright.  I didn’t answer. I finally can see. After that I was thinking of not going back out there. I was scared that if I go back out I would get hurt even worse the next time.

I was at my grandma and Papa’s house in 2008. In that morning we were on the road to the ocean. When we got there I wanted to go in the water so bad but right before I could get in my Mom said Jordan get back here and I was thinking what does she want. My Mom made us put sun block on and away I went blasting into the ocean.Then I got my feet washed out of under me and the wave brought me back to the shore.

My brothers and I went back out there. Then when my dad went out there and he was crushed by a wave too and he was brought back to the shore. After a while my brothers and I would just stay out far enough so that the wave would break when It passed us. But when we would get tired we would go in and when we were going in we would look back and then bam we would get drilled by the wave. After the first time we got crushed when we were going in I was watching for a wave every time after that.

This one time I was going in to get something to eat and my brothers stayed in the water and when I look back and I was like “I am going to die” because there was a huge wave and I got drilled by a wave and I’m under the water trying to get back up and my back was getting scraped up by the sand and sea shells and then I finally got back up. After that wave I was thinking of not going back out in the water. So I took a break and I got something to eat. I had chips, sandwich, and a drink. Then after a while I was bored so I went back out into the ocean.

When I went back into the ocean I would just go in enough to where my feet only got hit by the water. A few minutes later I felt something on my foot so I reached down and I picked up a baby crab.When I picked up the crab I was shocked. So I showed my dad and my brother Scotty came running to see it and he bumped into me and knocked the crab out of my hand.  I was really mad at Scotty.

We were getting to leave so my brothers and I went back in before we would leave. When we were leaving my Dad said “this is a lot better than swimming in the lake.”

I learned that if I keep going back out into the water It would get easier and easier to swim in the ocean. I also learned that if I keep going out it would get more fun.

When we got done swimming we went on the board walk and played games. When we were playing games I was thinking that when we were swimming it was a lot of fun and I can’t wait till next year to go swimming.


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