Dare is a program that teaches students not to do drugs like alcohol, tobacco, cigarettes, and marijuana. They want to teach us that these drugs can lead to cancer or sometimes death. I think Deputy Thomas is doing a great job of teaching us not to do drugs.

I am glad that we had Dare this year. It was cool when Deputy Thomas showed us Mr. Dip Lip and Smoking Susie and Those glasses that made me look drunk.

I think Dare was a lot of fun this year. I learned a lot from it like if I did drugs I would do bad in school and in sports so I’m not going to take drugs.

When I was wearing those glass that made my eye see like a drunk person I don’t want to see like that again because it is hard to walk and do anything. Mr. Dip Lip showed me that if I did tobacco I would have nasty teeth and breath. I want good teeth and breath. Smoking Susie was in bad shape with her lungs because she had tar in her lung from smoking. The tar can get stuck in your lungs when you smoke and you can get cancer or even die. I don’t want cancer or I don’t want to die.

It was fun when we were wearing the Dare t-shirts because all the kid got to see the Dare shirts. The kids that see us wearing them will hopefully stay away from drugs.

I want to be successful in school and in sports. I want to wrestle in High school and maybe collage too. But if I want to wrestle I have to do good in school. If I did take drugs I would not be able to do the stuff I want to do in life.

There is 7% of 8Th grader that smoke and 15% that drink alcohol. I don’t want to be an 8Th grader that smokes or drinks alcohol.

One reason people smoke is because it is an addiction because it has nicotine in it. Smoking can give you cancer. Tobacco has more than 200 known poisons. 400,000 people die each year from tobacco.

One of the worst drugs to use is Marijuana because it has more tar than tobacco and is stronger than tobacco too. Marijuana is illegal in the United States.

There are a lot of ways to say no to these drugs like stay away from places that uses drugs. Another one is you can say no and walk away. If  you are with a friend and someone ask you what to have some alcohol and you both say no because it is easier to say no when you are with a friend.

I am going to be drug free.

Thank you Deputy Thomas for teaching us Dare this year it was a lot of fun.




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