Being Successful In Sixth Grade

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What has made me successful in sixth grade is I did what I was told I got all my work done and I used strategies that would help me.  I work hard in school and out of school. I have GREAT teachers at school.

This is my favorite year in school because we got to create a blog and we always write post on it. In Math I have learn a lot of stuff and I use that math stuff a lot.

In Mr. McGuire’s Class on the first day when he said we had to read 180 min a week and I was like this is gonna be really hard to do. But after a few weeks it became really easy and now I read a lot more i school and out of school. Now I can also read harder books.

In Ms. Bowlby class on the first day we did a lot of work and she said it was only going to get harder. I was like math is going to be hard but it bcame easier as the year went on.


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