Dear Mr. McGuire

This is from the to Mr. McGuire.

Dear Mr. McGuire                                                                                     3/5/12

My Book is The Always War by Margaret Peterson Haddix. I started this book because my friend said it was a good book and he is right it is a good book. Margaret Peterson Haddix is a great author. The author writes great books a lot of my friends read his books and now I like his books too. When I finish this book I am going to try to read more Margaret Peterson Haddix books.

In The beginning of the book it was boring but now it is getting good. Then Gideon came back from the war and he was going to get a metal for being brave in the war but he did not take the metal because he said he was a coward. I liked that part because he just said one thing and then just took off somewhere else. He was puking in a trash can when Tessa found him.

Tessa and Gideon were in a plane near an enemy base. When they were trying to get the plane working a person came out of the closet and said you guys aren’t suppose to be here what are you doing here. I like how the author made the person say you guys aren’t suppose to be here what are you doing here. It made me think what is happening and where did the person came from.

Right now the plane crashed and Gideon got out of the plane and said I surrender I surrender and Tessa said that she saw every sweat on Gideon, the crust in his hair, and the way his hands trembled. I liked how the author made Tessa see everything on Gideon.

Gideon and Tessa got mad at each other. They were both picking up rocks and dropping them to leave a trail for them to get back and Gideon was holding something which was heavy and made his arms go numb. But he still did not complain.The author makes Gideon look tough.

Gideon, Tessa and Dek were on the plane trying to get out by pressing the eject button on their seats, but it was not working. Then a voice came on and they all stopped. The author made Gideon, Tessa and Dek feel like what is going on here.

I know you read this book and you liked it. I like this book too. It gets better and better every page I read. This is one of the best books I ever read.


             Jordan D.


2 thoughts on “Dear Mr. McGuire

  1. You should read more of her books because they are AMAZING! She is my favorite author ever because her books are full of suspense, action, mystery and stuff like that! 🙂

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