The Always War by Margaret Peterson Haddix.

I think Tessa likes Gideon because in the book he runs and Tessa follows him and they don’t know each other that well. Tessa even went into his house to see him. Then She went on a plane with him and Gideon was going to die but then Tessa knocked him to the ground and said no one is going to die.

I think Tessa is a little bit jealous because she was yelling at him when he did not take the medallion and she was saying don’t you know what it is like for the rest of us those of us aren’t heroes? Don’t you know dreary our lives are and this was going to be our golden moment for us.

Tessa likes to be with Gideon because she run after him when he does not get medallion and she goes in his house and gives him flowers.


The Raven

The Raven is awesome. There is always a lot of mysteries in The Raven. The Raven is about Ryan Macray and Sarah Fincher. They are always getting into trouble. Right now they are going into grave yards, old spooky churches and places like that. Sarah is driving back from California to Boston and That is how Sarah is going to the spooky places. They are finding videos about the apostle. The apostle  is a crazy guy. Sarah does most of the driving because it is on the way where she is going. Ryan Does the driving if it is not far away.

I think this is a great book and that everyone should read it.

Jim Jones

This is a comment from The Reading Workshop.

I loved the assembly. It was a lot of fun. All the tricks he did were awesome and some I have never seen before. I liked it when he would bring a kid that was sitting nicely and with their hand up. I going to work hard in my life because he worked hard in his life and he is very successful. I want to be successful in my life too.

Jim Jones was saying that you can do anything that you want to be if you work hard and be kind. Jim Jones was saying that anything you do is your fault good or bad.

My motivation is wresting because I have been doing it for a long time. I follow my brother Scotty.

If I Had The Ability

I like to help people with stuff like show them to clean and their stuff should not be dirty. But I don’t like helping at my house because it is boring. If I help at someone else house it is fun but I don’t know why it is fun working at someone else house. I like to help most of the time.

I would impact the world by making people getting off their butts and help other people and clean their house. After I’m done showing them they will want to be the cleanest person in the world.

I will also teach them to take care of they stuff and not let it get trashed. When I show them how to take care of their stuff it will look better than ever. People should take care of their stuff but they don’t and that is why the have me.

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I hate when cows run away from you and almost all cows run away from you. But there was a new cow born. It was Caleb L’s. cow he would run up to you and lick you with a sand paper tongue. He was the best cow in the world because he would run up to you because he was awesome. He was black and white with awesomeness.  But then when I least expected it they butchered him I am so mad and sad.


The Superbowl game was awesome! My favorite play of the game was when Justin Tuck tackled Tom Brady for a safety. It was my favorite play of the game because Justin Tuck hit Tom Brady hard. Eli Manning had a good game that day. Most of his throws were good. I was glad I got to watch the game because it kept going back and forth. The Giant’s played a great game that day.

Being Happy

This is an assignment from the reading Workshop.

I like when I am happy because I have more fun when I am doing something. I like to make other people happy too and make them laugh. People would rather be around me when I am happy than when I am angry. If I get angry I try to forget about it because I will have no fun. Being angry is no fun.  If I am happy I always do better at what I am doing right then. Being happy is the key to having fun. Being happy is the style.