The Best Thing That Happened To Me

Something that was great that happen to me was in a football game I was missing alot of tackles.  But then there was a pitch to the left side and I just crushed the kid for a solo tackle when he got the ball. It felt really good when I hit him. Then when I got the tackle My coaches were saying good job. When I saw the ball land in the kids hands I was liked zoned in to get the tackle.

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The One Thing That Was Soooo Exciting!

In Watchers War the ending was the best I have never seen it in a book before. The middle of the book is was all serious. But when you get to the end it all stops. Gideon Kozaar’s said I was wondering when you would find me.  He said that because it was a movie.

It was all serious in the middle of the book because he did not know it was a movie. Jake did not know it was a movie because they fired real bullets and it seemed so real to him.  Like when the rebels were firing at Jake and Samuelson.

I would recommend Watchers War to you so hope you like.



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