Opening My Gifts

The night before
Christmas we make good
cookies.  Then  we   decorate
the tree. My mom puts the star on
last and  puts all the Christmas  stuff  out.
Next we build a big snowman in the white snow.
Then  we  drink  a  lot  of  hot  Chocolate  that  night,
I love Christmas
I love Christmas
I love Christmas

By John L. and Jordan D.


GO Christmas Trees!

It is so fun when
we  go as a family  to  get
the  Christmas  tree at  tree  farm
fun to running and hiding in the farm
Behind the Christmas tree and play tag
Then  I  like  when  we get  the hot chocolate
with  marshmallows and the deliciousness cookies
Then we put the Christmas on top of the van with rope
We get home I’m pushing my brothers to get inside to put the
Tree up and cut the string to let it out and then decorate the tree with
The family And the put the star on top of the tree and I love to do that
I love Christmas trees
I love Christmas trees
I love Christmas trees

Go Christmas Trees !

In The Hospital

I was in there in
3rd grade
I could not walk
I barley ate anything
I was in there
For 2 days and
I missed 9 days of
It sucked

The only thing that
was good was is
I ate the jello all day
I stayed in bed
all day long
The bed could move up and down
Sometime I would ride in a wheelchair
In the halls

Jello Planet

Jello Jello Jello Jello
I love Jello
It rocks
I live on a
Jello Planet
I can eat it
I can Jump on it
I have a blast on my own planet

The Jello is
Red green red green red green pink
The rivers are Purple slime
The houses are Banana split Ice cream
with cherry on top
Bears are gummy bears

Jello Jello Jello Jello
I love Jello
So much I
Eat it

I love Jello!


Coca Cola Coca cola
Coca cola Rocks the world
Is the best drink in the world
If you don’t drink Coca Cola
you will go in the underworld
It will rock your world like that
Coco Cola is better than Doctor Pepper
Coca Cola is better than all drinks

Go Coca Cola!


I love gifts
Gifts  gifts  gifts
They rock
And when I get one I’m in shock
I love to play in the snow
It is fun and cool
Snowman’s are awesome man
Then I smash them like a tin can
Santa is awesome
he’s so cool
He rocks
I hope I see him so I go in shock

Go Santa!!