The Book I Am Reading

I am reading Diary of a wimpy kid dog days by Jeff Kinney.

      In this book Greg tells about his life and what he does. Greg goes to a beauty salon for his first time and he likes it there. He was reading in the news paper and he likes to watch the T.V. in the beauty salon. He also likes when the people are cutting his hair he likes to listen to there gossip. Then when he gets home he is watching girl shows and he is reading the what happen in the news paper.

In this book I always think of Scotty being Rodrick because Rodrick is mean to Greg and Scotty is always mean to me. Scotty always tries  to trick me Just like like Rodrick does to Greg. Greg is always getting mad at Rodrick and I always get mad at Scotty when he is mean to me too. Greg always get in trouble by his mom and most of the time I get In trouble too.


One thought on “The Book I Am Reading

  1. I’ve read the first book and the second. The two that I’ve read we’re really good. I’m planing on reading the whole series after I’m done with the book I’m reading. The books remind me of me and my and my older sister Taylor. We are always fighting like Rodrick and Greg.

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