My Wolfs

I love to play with my wolfs. They are the best animals I have ever had. Most of the time we try to get them in the house a few times a week. We have 60 by 40 feet cage for them when they sleep outside. They sleep outside every night because when we try to keep them inside they make a mess and they run a round the house all night. Their name’s are Max, Bella, and Chunk. Bella had two litters in her life so far. Max and Chunk love to play and run around with us. Bella is really shy. Max, Bella, and Chunk all howl at night at the same time and it is really cool to hear too.





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One thought on “My Wolfs

  1. My dog Riley doesn’t do that, but I think it would be cool to hear three dogs do that at night and at the same time too. Except for the fact that it would probably wake me up! I also think Chunk is a cool name by the way. It would be fun to say that name every time you wanted him to come to you!

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