Time For Recess Inspired By Sara Holbrook

I love to play outside
it is really fun
Its hard sometimes to be inside
I love to run I love to play
it is really fun to play

if I get trapped inside
I have to get out
I need to play
my favorite time of the day
is to play

Let me outside!

I don’t like to be inside because
I have to sit
outside I can move a lot
there’s a lot of thing to do outside.


Poetry About Me

I like wrestling
it is fun
I did it for 7 years
I went to state
I am wrestling for Lancaster

 I like to play football
I play in different place
on the field
football is fun to play
I like to run the ball

I have 3brothers
they are mean
it goes Scotty, Eric, then Stephen


Poetry and me

It’s not my strength
I was never good
The words can never come out
It get’s harder and harder
Every time
I like to read it but I can’t write it
It is like  eggs with no bacon
It’s not what I write
It’s hard to fight
But I have to write poetry

It is like a buck with no antlers
It is hard to fight and hard to write


Thanksgiving is in November and it is near my birthday. I always go to New Jersey for Thanksgiving  and I have two Thanksgiving dinners in one day. So I have to not eat as much at the first one because I have one right after that one. It is really hard not to eat everything  because there is a lot of good food there. I love to eat the turkey. I also Like to eat the ham and mashed potatoes. Then I get cake and ice cream and then I go outside and sit by the fire. Then I go inside and watch TV. I always have a blast there every year.


I have been wrestling  for 7 years. I am wrestling for Lancaster. That’s where I have been wrestling every year. I have been to state (OAC) 3 times, and I placed 8th my first year I went there. State (OAC) is where the best kids in the state go  in their age group and weight in a 36 man bracket and it is double elimination. It is a two day tournament. This Year I am going to wrestling 90 or 95 pounds. Last year I was wrestling 80 pounds. I have been to 5 different states just to wrestle.


The Book I Am Reading

I am reading Diary of a wimpy kid dog days by Jeff Kinney.

      In this book Greg tells about his life and what he does. Greg goes to a beauty salon for his first time and he likes it there. He was reading in the news paper and he likes to watch the T.V. in the beauty salon. He also likes when the people are cutting his hair he likes to listen to there gossip. Then when he gets home he is watching girl shows and he is reading the what happen in the news paper.

In this book I always think of Scotty being Rodrick because Rodrick is mean to Greg and Scotty is always mean to me. Scotty always tries  to trick me Just like like Rodrick does to Greg. Greg is always getting mad at Rodrick and I always get mad at Scotty when he is mean to me too. Greg always get in trouble by his mom and most of the time I get In trouble too.



My Wolfs

I love to play with my wolfs. They are the best animals I have ever had. Most of the time we try to get them in the house a few times a week. We have 60 by 40 feet cage for them when they sleep outside. They sleep outside every night because when we try to keep them inside they make a mess and they run a round the house all night. Their name’s are Max, Bella, and Chunk. Bella had two litters in her life so far. Max and Chunk love to play and run around with us. Bella is really shy. Max, Bella, and Chunk all howl at night at the same time and it is really cool to hear too.





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