If I Was The Main Character

This letter was an assignment for Reading Workshop.  The letter was to our teacher Mr. McGuire.                                                                                                     

September 30, 2011

Dear Mr. McGuire,

Mr. McGuire I enjoy to read books like the Tucket’s series because I like Adventure books.  I am reading the Tucket’s series by Gray Paulsen. I am reading Tucket’s Ride.

He said I had Billy bring in wood.  If I said Billy get some wood I would help him get the wood for the fire.

Francis raised and fired without thinking,so fast Lottie yelled and dropped to the ground.  I would have  a good aim and shot at the deer.  Start gutting it and we’ll skin it.  When I got done gutting it and skinned it I would make a blanket out of the deer skin and fur.

So far these books are the best and interesting.  I hope you like my letter and what I wrote in the letter.  If you read the books I hope you have a good time reading them.  Thank you for read this letter.


Jordan Deluse


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