I think it was good when the people revolted because if they did not Gaddafi probable would have killed more people. I think Gaddafi was asking to die because he was killing thousands of people because they disagreed with him. I think it could cause a civil war because he was killing thousands of people for nothing. I don’t think they should have beat to death him I think they should have shot him instead.


This post was about Gaddafi and if we think if he should have got beat to death. What he also did wrong as a leader.


What I Would Do

If I was Russell I would try to stay away from him and I would not do what he said. If he was still being mean to me I would tell someone so they would help me. I would also stay where people are so people would see that he is being mean. If I saw him walking toward me I’d go find a different way then him. I would also tell an adult to help me.

Dear Papa & Grandma

October 7, 2011

Dear Papa and Grandma,

I always have fun when I am in New Jersey with you and Grandma and Papa. You guys always take my brothers and I out somewhere every time we come.

Papa you always take my brothers and I out to eat at Casta Verdi. We watch the football games and soccer games when we are eating. Then we go home and relax and play a game. My brothers and I always steal your TV room and watch TV. Then you always say you guys have 20 min. He’s says that because they have 4 or more TVs in the house. Papa you always let my brothers and I have cookies when grandma and my mom are shopping.

Grandma you always take my brothers and I to the water park called Six Flags and I always have a blast there. I like to go in the lazy river with you. When I am in the lazy river with you and my brothers I like when Scotty and I play tag in the lazy river. The tornado water slide is the best slide there. In the tornado I like when you go up then back down then back up. It is like a giant funnel.

Grandma you always take my brothers and I to the Jersey Shore and I always have a blast there. I like when Scotty and I ride the waves in. When I go to New Jersey I always look forward to go to the Jersey Shore. Sometimes I get crushed by the waves I hit the sea floor hard.


Jordan Deluse

If I Was The Main Character

This letter was an assignment for Reading Workshop.  The letter was to our teacher Mr. McGuire.                                                                                                     

September 30, 2011

Dear Mr. McGuire,

Mr. McGuire I enjoy to read books like the Tucket’s series because I like Adventure books.  I am reading the Tucket’s series by Gray Paulsen. I am reading Tucket’s Ride.

He said I had Billy bring in wood.  If I said Billy get some wood I would help him get the wood for the fire.

Francis raised and fired without thinking,so fast Lottie yelled and dropped to the ground.  I would have  a good aim and shot at the deer.  Start gutting it and we’ll skin it.  When I got done gutting it and skinned it I would make a blanket out of the deer skin and fur.

So far these books are the best and interesting.  I hope you like my letter and what I wrote in the letter.  If you read the books I hope you have a good time reading them.  Thank you for read this letter.


Jordan Deluse