My favorite animal is a wolf.  It is my favorite animal because I have three and I like how they look.  Wolves have two sets of canines.  Wolves have all different colors on their body.  You can’t tell a wolf about its colors.  Max was the first one we got and Bella was the 2nd one.  Chunk is Bella’s and Max’s son.  Max is white and a little tan.  Bella is brown and black. Chunk is grayish brown and black.  Max, Bella, Chunk all howl at night most of the time.  It is actually very cool to hear.

Image from http://wolfwatcher.org/news/all-news/dnr-begins-trapping-wolves-in-jackson-county-wisconsin/


Giants Football

When I was little I decided my favorite  football team is the New York Giants.  When I was little I thought the Giants had the biggest people on their team in the whole NFL.  The Giants won the Superbowl in 2007.  When the Giants won the Superbowl they won by a field goal . The Giants are blue, red, and gray.  The Giants quarterback is Eli Manning.



Tom Brady

In Reading workshop we discussed Working Like Brady

Tom Brady said he would try the best he could to be a leader.  I would try to help kids that need help in the classroom.  He said there is no better feeling after a win.  So I would try hard on the test because I would feel good if I pass the test.

Tom Brady said he focus  on every play.  So I think we should focus on all of our work and get our work done.

Image from http://www.sodahead.com/fun/best-active-quarterback-in-the-nfl/question-1616895/

When I Don’t Understand A Book

When I don’t understand a part in a book I go back and read it.  The 2nd time I read it I read it slower than the first time I read it.  Or I read every word I did not understand  out loud to myself.

Then I get in a quit room then.  Then I read it to myself.  Then if I still don’t get it I take a little break then I go back to read it. If I still don’t understand it I get a different book.






Image from http://jessjoshtalkheaders.wordpress.com/2008/08/27/internet-things-i-dont-understand/